General Information


   The King Mongkut Science Park at Waghor, Prachuab Kirikhan Province is located in Waghor Bay in Khlong Wan Sub-district, approximately 12 kilometres south of the Prachuab Khiri Khan City centre. It encompasses an area of 485 rai (1 rai= 1,600 square metres), 1 ngan (1 gnan = 100 square metres) and 56.2 square wah (1 wah = 2 metres). The eastern side is bordered by the Gulf of Thailand and the beach is lined with coniferous marine trees. Its general geographic condition is that of a plain of loose soil mixed with sand. The weather is divided into three seasons—the hot season from February to April, the rainy season from May to November and the cool season from December to January.

    In the past, Waghor was a small village in the Sub-district of Khlong Wan. It was the location of the total solar eclipse that King Mongkut had calculated would be seen on August 18th, 1868. The King came to this place to see the eclipse with his royal children and his entourage. He also had some foreigners join him on the trip to witness this natural phenomenon. As a result of this trip, the King contracted malaria and died. The camp and the pavilion built at his command at Waghor Village were left unattended and they fell into ruin overtime.

    In 1993 the Ministry of Education announced the establishment of this place as an educational institute to honour King Mongkut and as a response to the policy of offering learning opportunities in science, technology, astronomy, space and the environment to students, young people and people nationwide.